Hi. I am a zombie and I will be eating your brains tonight. Enjoy!

Posted in Art with tags , , on November 15, 2008 by Steven Edsall

     So I’ve always been bothered by this illustration and I think that I may finally be happy with it, which means I can stop staring at it willing it to become better. That is until I look at it again in a couple of weeks and see soemthing ELSE that I don’t like about it.

'You thought I was gone for good?'

     That’s the problem with the digital medium, an artsist can ALWAYS go back to their earlier work and change something which can create this obsession, this anal-ness about getting the piece just right. I paint a picture on a canvas, there it is, it’s done. All I can do is look at my mistakes and hope to learn from them. Not with digital. Yes. I know I have a problem.

-update- Sunday Nov 16

So Brandon demands it, so shall it be! Here’s what the piece USED to look like:Gone, before changes



Posted in What-Not on October 29, 2008 by Steven Edsall

I have been coerced into creating this blog by one Mr. Brandon Dicks, but I’m sure it’s a pretty good idea to go along with this so I will try to put up art work as I begin it and when I evenually finish said art work. WORD!


I hope you’re happy Dicks.